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Our restorative procedures, along with the material choice, are based on specific patient needs. There are no one size fits all options. Whether it's a fixed or removable appliance, our highly skilled and experienced technicians are prepared to discuss your specific concerns and restorative options with you to achieve your patients desired esthetic and functional outcome.

Cement vs. screw-retained is usually prescribed by you, the clinician, based on specific patient situations. In some instances, you can only have one or the other. Our staff is trained to identify the indications and will suggest a recommended option. Abutment options are primarily Titanium or Zirconia, or Anodized Titanium (Gold Hue), as some systems or smaller diameter implants do not offer a Zirconia option. A custom, cast UCLA type abutment is also an option (with an alloy surcharge). There is no cost difference between cemented or screw-retained options. Abutment & screw, restoration, tissue model, and seating jig (index), are included. Analogs are not included, but we do stock analogs for most systems available. Our preference is to discuss restorative material with you on a case-by-case basis. We may contact you if we see any contra-indication to a specific type of restoration or material.

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