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In 1961 our founder, Richard F. Blaylock, came to the conclusion that with his knowledge and devotion to quality, it was time for him to establish a laboratory committed to excellence.

His quality craftsmanship soon became known throughout the Cincinnati area. As his business grew, he needed to find people with the same devotion to quality, knowledge and building of relationships as himself. He made the decision to bring his two sons, Ken and Bob, into the laboratory to answer this need. Ken and Bob lived up to his expectations. In 1974 he made them full partners in Greater Cincinnati Dental Laboratories.

Ken and Bob’s goal was to provide a laboratory that could fulfill all of their dentist needs. They introduced the partial framework addition in 1978. After integrating their high quality standards, they pushed forward to complete their goal. In 1980 their goal was achieved with the addition of crown and bridge. Greater Cincinnati Dental Laboratories was now Full Service.

In 2007 with the constantly changing landscape of dental technology, Bob and Ken added 3rd generation, Deron Blaylock, as partner. His 25 years of technical experience and shared view on quality standards and customer service will continue to maintain Greater “C”’s devotion to quality, consistency and state of the art technology.

3719 Struble Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251


Phone: (513) 385-4222

Toll Free: (800) 434-5199

Fax: (513) 385-4291

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